About Us

We are an Australian based supplier of quality Aromatherapy Supplies and Natural Skin Care

Our essential oils are aromatherapy grade premium Essential Oils tested to ensure that they are 100% pure & natural. We only offer premium quality pure essential oils and blends - no synthetic fragrance oils and no dilutions.

We supply a full range of Massage Oils and Carrier Oils. Our Massage Oils has been developed and formulated by us to ensure it is suitable for the professional massage therapists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, beauty therapists and home users alike. They combine the therapeutic qualities of carrier oils & essential oils to ease muscular aches & pains leaving you revitalised, and relaxed. Unlike other suppliers who on-sell massage oils, we formulate and hand-blend all our massage oils using the best quality carrier oils and our own pure essential oils

We produce our own beautiful range of Aromatherapy based all natural skincare. Unlike many skin care companies, we do not outsource the making of our natural skincare manufacturing process. Our products are produced by us in our premises located near Melbourne, in small batch sizes, so that we can ensure their quality from the source ingredients right through to the finished products, guaranteeing their freshness and effectiveness. In addition our Natural Skin Care is not tested on animals and we are Choose Cruelty Free accredited. We are also recognised as a “Champion” company by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, this essentially means that we make some of the safest cosmetics currently available in Australia!

All aromatherapy supplies offer a variety of practical solutions for incorporating aromatherapy into everyday situations, our range includes aromatherapy vaporisers & ultrasonic diffusers, essential oil boxes & storage solutions, aromatherapy kits, bottles & jars and so much more...

All our aromatherapy products & supplies come with a 100% quality guarantee, we can offer this as we only source the best quality aromatherapy supplies and products from our network of trusted distillers and suppliers.

Find out more about our main aromatherapy supplies and natural skincare products:

- Pure Aromatherapy Essential Oils - Essential Oils & Essential Oil Blends
- Massage Oils, Carrier Oils, & Infused Oils - Vegetable Carrier Oils, Aromatherapy Massage Oils, & Infused Oils
- Aromatherapy based all Natural Skin Care - all natural face, hair, & body products which are cruelty free accredited
- Raw Cosmetic & DIY Ingredients - including Waxes, Butters, & Salts
- Aromatherapy Kits & Accessories - Aromatherapy Kits, Essential Oil Packs, & Aromatherapy Accessories
- Aromatherapy Bottles & Jars - Aromatherapy Glass & Plastic Bottles & Jars